And Introducing?

These two are my alter ego`s, the grey is Gracie, also known as TOGG, the other more attractive one, is Toby, an Appaloosa cross. Whilst Gracie is an Irish Draft x Thoroughbred, both have there idiosyncrasies, and both have their seriously strong points, which as it happens could be construed as idiosyncrasies.

Toby is a five year old gelding, thoughtful, gentle and intelligent, Gracie is twenty-one years old, and a mare!……Needless to say she has strong opinions.

We travel well, many long miles together during which TOGG, has been my mainstay, through thick and thin, she is, shall I say, grossly strong, but has mellowed somewhat over the years. We have agreed to accept each other, providing neither of us steps out of line! Here I think back and smile, nay, laugh at our differences, we struggled at first, but as I’ve said previously, we have made an arrangement.

Toby is the new boy on the block, serene, and a quick learner. He is still absorbing all that is required of him, and he shows no signs of shirking his task. I owe them much, besides, talking horses are very hard to come by.

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