Another Day

If horses had voices, would they be as ours?….No? Who knows, but for arguments sake lets say they are, or would be. If that`s the case, then perhaps our partnerships with them would not be so fraught. Perhaps we would understand, the requirements, and general needs? Somehow I doubt it, instead we would foist our will upon them again.

Now what I`ve said here is a complete contradiction of my ethos regarding the animals, but that is the point, we are a user of all things, be it resources, or of each other, this isn’t a political statement, its a fact of human nature. We are a terrible species, capable of greatness, but also capable of great harm and destruction.

So as it stands, we use horses?….Of course we do!…. How you do that, is the question. For me? I try and give back, they allow me to use them for travel, pleasure, and to try and achieve some measure of competence in there control. Albeit, that I have never won any competition on a horse, I’ve tried, but to no avail. Gave that up!….Not the horses fault, just me.

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