Its Been a Blast.

Well, it has! I cannot say anything different, and it would be a lie if I did. But it hasn`t been without its downsides, and if I have anything to pass on, its this.

Do not procrastinate, enjoy everything, always say yes to new experiences, and don`t be afraid to say no to people who are toxic.

I have failed in nearly all these things, however its what I should have done had I known. But when you get older, you realize these things are true to late.

Horses are my life, and without them I would surely fade away, I have no idea why, nor do I question this fact, it just is. I shall chat about most things, except politics, and religion, for without them, the world would be a better place.

Finally, I make no judgements, everyone has faults, makes mistakes and is prone to untruths, we are human, or as my horses often remind me, “shifty”.

If you like this blog, and wish to follow, then that`s great, if you don`t, I wont come after you.

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