Yorkshire Dales Ride 2022.

The four of us, me and three ladies, set forth in a five day ride around some if the Yorkshire Dales. I took my young horse Toby, for experience and fittening.

One of the many Bridle Gates.

The weather was a mixed bag, but that’s the UK for you!…. Anyway it turned out to be a great trip, good company and good horses. Riding from Over Silton, we ride a circular route, returning after five days. In-between we encountered Pigs, Cattle and heavy trucks. Even a Postman!

He needed directions!.We were the visitors!!

We stayed at bed and breakfast places, farms and Pubs!..All in the name of exploring!

Feversham Arm’s at Church Houses.

Fabulous trip.

“You can see our house from here!”

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