A Mental State.

I don’t believe in Perfection. I don’t strive for it, I don’t ask for it, but, I admire those that do. Many years ago, I had the idea that I would become excellent at something!….I wasn’t sure what, and I wasn’t sure when, but I had the germ of the idea, that Perfection was what we should aim to achieve.

Many years later, I no longer attempt to seek perfection, it holds no addiction for me, but I admire it in others.

Perhaps I’m lazy, or disinterested, not so, for me it is being happy with what, and who I am, and have, or will achieve, but I still admire those who strive for perfection, those who compete with themselves to attain it. With horses, I’ll never achieve what others do, not do I seek it, although, I feel perhaps I do the horse an injustice, albeit the horse knows not anything about perfection, even though the horse is in my mind, as near as damn it to Perfection.

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