Long Live The King!

I write this with a heavy heart, Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth 2nd has passed away .

No doubt everyone will have some thoughts on the matter but for me? I am a Veteran, I served during a time of turbulence, terrorism and aggressors, so nothing has changed, except the names and dates. Elizabeth was the one constant in my life, and dare I say, in all of our lives. I served Queen and Country, it was my choice, and I have never regretted doing so. I was born in the year of Accession to the throne, of a young Queen, beautiful and small of stature, she was to become a beacon for all people in our Great Nation. I for one am very sad at her passing, we will never see her like again. That is a sad fact, she was the last of those with great respect, and dignity, not only for Politicians and other Leaders, but for us, the small people. She gave me a strength, a sense of Nationhood, and to her I shall be eternally grateful. God Bless you Ma’am.

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