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Horses are my life. They keep me alive. I endeavour, to endeavour, as someone once said. I`m no expert, and to be honest its not something I worry about. The reason being, life is far too short.


Mounthooley Bound!

I have often ridden over areas of land, that I thought were free to roam by us none landowning proletariat. Not so it seems, to my everlasting shame, I have been ignorant of English Land Law. While Scotland has a Right to Roam Act, England alas, has not. The saving grace in all this, are the myriad of Bridleways and Footpaths, Permissive Ways and so called Green Lanes. These are historical rights of way, built up over generations, but sadly, are being little used by the Smart phone weilding public.

I fear that in the years to come, landowners will find any excuse to rid ‘their’ land of the footfall, of multiple visitors to the countryside. Horse riders, now afeared, due to heavy vehicular traffic upon the roads, reduce themselves to Arena work and competitive rides, where traffic isn’t an issue. This is to the loss of all horse riders. However, there are a few intrepid persons, intent on claiming back the Bridleway et al, I include myself in this, we must never give up on these highways of the ancient Packhorse and Tinkers Cob.

One Day Thirty Miles

Heather Bashing.

A beautiful day. Thirty miles across the Cheviot Hills, Northumbria National Park UK. On the 1st August this year we left the tiny Hamlet of Cocklawfoot, which nestles at the foot of the Border Ridge, between Scotland and England.

A short ride to Sourhope, and then upwards into the wild beauty. It’s a little known fact, that these hills have seen much history, from raging battles to thieving and rustling of horses and cattle. The Romans made the first real lasting impression, with Vine Terraces, and Roads.

But we are here to travel to Alwinton, via Mounthooley, Goldscleugh Langleeford, The Dod, Linhope Spout, Alnham and finally Newton Farm just outside the “One Horse Dorp”, that is Alwinton.

Fifteen hours later we arrived, a bit wet, and weary, but happy in the knowledge that I had repeated this ride, that my friend and I, Bobby McCaw first did in 2008.

It was fun then, and it was fun still.

My thanks to Rachel Ardley and her horse Enar, who accompanied me on this venture.

Memories of Great Rides.

I’ve had some wonderful memories of rides with Gracie and friends across the years. If any horse helped me, it was Gracie, staunchly loyal, opinionated, and physically strong. She took me across many hills, valleys and numerous miles of country. Never baulked except when she sensed danger, and there was a few times. It took me a while to realize that what she was doing, was protecting me and herself from soft ground, faulty bridges, and many other things.

Partially retired now, I look at her and smile, they say they don’t live as we do, but I’m almost sure they warm to us, perhaps even accept us, but never ever does that acceptance become total.

She swishes her tail now quietly surveying her Kingdom, keeping two young geldings in line.

Adventures into Film

Gracie and I, were asked to take part in a film in 2019, it was September, and the weather was glorious. Gracie was impeccable, and this Publicity Still was taken from the film, which now will never be shown due to legal issues .


This was another. I have to admit, they’re good.

All taken on location, at Loch Muick, Ballater, Scotland UK.

A Mental State.

I don’t believe in Perfection. I don’t strive for it, I don’t ask for it, but, I admire those that do. Many years ago, I had the idea that I would become excellent at something!….I wasn’t sure what, and I wasn’t sure when, but I had the germ of the idea, that Perfection was what we should aim to achieve.

Many years later, I no longer attempt to seek perfection, it holds no addiction for me, but I admire it in others.

Perhaps I’m lazy, or disinterested, not so, for me it is being happy with what, and who I am, and have, or will achieve, but I still admire those who strive for perfection, those who compete with themselves to attain it. With horses, I’ll never achieve what others do, not do I seek it, although, I feel perhaps I do the horse an injustice, albeit the horse knows not anything about perfection, even though the horse is in my mind, as near as damn it to Perfection.


As you know, Casey has been with us now for a few months. I had him professionally started, reasons being?…I’m getting older, I no longer bounce! Today, was a training day for him, introduction of the Missing Link Bit. I already have one of these bits, I love it, so do my horses. So good to teach self carriage and collection. I’ll get round to posting a picture of it. In the meantime, you can find one on Hosted in YouTube by Pat and Deb Puckett.

Casey was a little miffed at having to accept a bit, after all he’s had a few weeks off! At first he pulled away, but second go, he was fine. He rolled the Cricket for quite some time, until he felt able to relax, which he did. We also practiced removal of the bit and bridle, getting him to lower his head. Again it’s new, fourth go round, he did good.

Casey: A new arrival.

Casey, a Tri-coloured Leopard Spot Appaloosa. He arrived a few months ago, I collected him from some good friends who were retiring from horse breeding. He’s just three, rising four. Nervous chap, and a little insecure. He was away for professional training, and came back looking fit and in condition. He’s now growing well, and dispite his insecurity, has accepted all his groundwork training well. He has been backed, and happy with the western saddle on.

He’ll be left all the summer and winter to grow and mature. He’s a nice horse.

Being Ponied from Toby.