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As you know, Casey has been with us now for a few months. I had him professionally started, reasons being?…I’m getting older, I no longer bounce! Today, was a training day for him, introduction of the Missing Link Bit. I already have one of these bits, I love it, so do my horses. So good to teach self carriage and collection. I’ll get round to posting a picture of it. In the meantime, you can find one on Hosted in YouTube by Pat and Deb Puckett.

Casey was a little miffed at having to accept a bit, after all he’s had a few weeks off! At first he pulled away, but second go, he was fine. He rolled the Cricket for quite some time, until he felt able to relax, which he did. We also practiced removal of the bit and bridle, getting him to lower his head. Again it’s new, fourth go round, he did good.

Casey: A new arrival.

Casey, a Tri-coloured Leopard Spot Appaloosa. He arrived a few months ago, I collected him from some good friends who were retiring from horse breeding. He’s just three, rising four. Nervous chap, and a little insecure. He was away for professional training, and came back looking fit and in condition. He’s now growing well, and dispite his insecurity, has accepted all his groundwork training well. He has been backed, and happy with the western saddle on.

He’ll be left all the summer and winter to grow and mature. He’s a nice horse.

Being Ponied from Toby.

“Make the Wrong thing Hard,and the Right thing Easy”

It was a dismal ride on a beautiful evening. Unfortunately, my horse Toby, had his own opinions. All he was wanting to do was turn for home, which wasn’t going to happen. So instead of the usual once round the forest, it was twice, to prove a point to Toby, the the wrong thing was hard……

In other words he was made to work harder, when if he had done the right thing, he could have been home earlier.

A Moment.

It’s been a mixed bag of weather, plus I haven’t felt too good. It seems age has caught up with me, and after two heart attacks in three years, I do feel weak at times. It’s a short term event, maybe a few days, but very tiring and debilitating. This is where my horses rescue me from indulging in my own self pity, such as it is, it’s more an anger at getting old. Sort of “Rage against the Machine” moment.

Casey and Toby.

These two are my youngsters, just love ’em!

All three together, Gracie in the middle, the senior mare. She keeps them all in line, and me to be honest!

Yorkshire Dales Ride 2022.

The four of us, me and three ladies, set forth in a five day ride around some if the Yorkshire Dales. I took my young horse Toby, for experience and fittening.

One of the many Bridle Gates.

The weather was a mixed bag, but that’s the UK for you!…. Anyway it turned out to be a great trip, good company and good horses. Riding from Over Silton, we ride a circular route, returning after five days. In-between we encountered Pigs, Cattle and heavy trucks. Even a Postman!

He needed directions!.We were the visitors!!

We stayed at bed and breakfast places, farms and Pubs!..All in the name of exploring!

Feversham Arm’s at Church Houses.

Fabulous trip.

“You can see our house from here!”

Langstrath Valley, Lake District UK

To go,or not to go, that is the question. In fact he did. It took gentle persuasion and patience. It was, as you can see a wet day, our route was through some really magnificent country, pity we didn’t see most of it. I was riding my old sure footed mare Gracie aka TOGG. The weather broke around midday, to reveal blue sky and sunshine.

Mountain Rescue Box.

This was our short break at Styhead Pass, having just lost a shoe. It was me walking from here to Seathwaite and the end. I didn’t mind, but I was more concerned for the horse, as you can see, it was pretty rough.

The Days End.

Coming down Seathwaite Valley, beautiful sunshine. An amazing route,we intend to do it again.