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As I languish here in abject fear of the sun not being hot enough, I find myself yearning for horse time. Sad to say, but I prefer horses to doing nothing but sun bathe. The wife lives it, as she feels she gets some attention, ok I can live with that. Our house sitter hasn’t…

A Beautiful Day in Kershope Forest UK.

Sunday 14th May 2023, I awoke to a sun bright day. Stunning start, my friend and I travelled to Kershope Forest, and without much ado, we were off. The dogs were in fine firm, scurrying here and there, sniffing and snorting in every bush, grass tussock and beck. The horses felt the spring, and responded…

Many times I have rode the hills around my country, sometimes it’s good weather, sometimes bad. But never has it disappointed me. Although I’m slowing down, I feel like I’m just a boy, sadly that is no longer so, it’s such a shame that Youth, is wasted on the young! By the time you learn…

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