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The weather has finally broken. So it was Boots and Saddles, and off to begin again, the fittening of both horses. It’s quite shocking what three weeks standing in a field, will do. Despite the previous months of rain, now that we have an Easy wind, the ground will soon dry. Just eight miles, dogs…

Notes on a Miserable Month.

The weather has been decidedly crap! For winter, it’s been mild wet and windy, the fields are a mess, and everything is just mud forever. Then we get this! Overnight it froze, -10c and four days later it thawed. Then it froze again, and now we’ve got snow again. Never know what it’s gonna do!…


Winter is here. Well, it’s supposed to be here, but our average temperature is above the normal. It has rained a lot, in fact as I write, it is a deluge. Long gone are the pleasant days and evenings of our summer. I still ride out, trying to dodge the showers, and soft ground. It’s…

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