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Langstrath Valley, Lake District UK

To go,or not to go, that is the question. In fact he did. It took gentle persuasion and patience. It was, as you can see a wet day, our route was through some really magnificent country, pity we didn’t see most of it. I was riding my old sure footed mare Gracie aka TOGG. The weather broke around midday, to reveal blue sky and sunshine.

Mountain Rescue Box.

This was our short break at Styhead Pass, having just lost a shoe. It was me walking from here to Seathwaite and the end. I didn’t mind, but I was more concerned for the horse, as you can see, it was pretty rough.

The Days End.

Coming down Seathwaite Valley, beautiful sunshine. An amazing route,we intend to do it again.

Riding The High Country

It was a 4am start, on a beautiful weekday morning. The sun was rising fast and the clouds were rolling in from the West, the threat of rain was becoming ominous.

Ridge Riding.

Clear thoughts, in clear air, nothing better than a fine horse in good country.

Just Chatting.

Lake Ullswater in the right corner, just glimpsed as the clouds brought an end to a grand morning.